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International Shipping

Your order on can be shipped through our partner ( to your international address.

Just for your convenience, Totallypleasure has partnered with for easy international shipping. As a member of, you have the access to enjoy highly discounted international shipping rates available for more than 225 countries.

The way it works is that you would be given a US street address to receive your packages and your packages will be received on your behalf and shipped to your country's address. also handles the preparation of the customs documents for your shipments.

MyUS make use of the following courier companies such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS to make sure your packages get to your international address as quickly as possible.


  1. Create an account with and choose an appropriate subscription and you will receive a personal US address.
  2. You will use the US address given to you by to place your order with
  3. Once we have shipped your order to the US address provided to you by MyUS, then MyUS will take over the delivering and forwarding process until your items gets to you.

  4. MyUS will notify you the moment your packages arrived at your US address and you can also create a shipment request for all your orders which includes those purchased from other US stores as well.

  5. You will receive your international shipments from MyUS at your doorstep within 2-4 business days.

MyUS also offers Premium Membership for those who are purchasing multiple items and when you shop from other USA stores - you will save a lot of cash by choosing Premium membership for multiple items.

Please note that that there are some items that are not allowed by MyUS services to be shipped to your international address. These restrictions are on items such as hazardous materials (eg. nail polish) and pressurized cans (eg. aerosol cans). The restriction may be due to your shipment's destination. Please, visit to MyUS website and you will see a list of prohibited items in relation to your destinations.

We do not allow unauthorized reselling and distribution of Totallypleasure products. In addition, Totallypleasure does not support orders placed with the intention to exchange for money as it is against our company's policy and we have a system set up to identify such orders.

Totallypleasure reserves the right to decline any order before notifying the customer.

Your membership with MyUS would not bypass this company's policy. Please contact our Customer Service Department for more clarification on whether your order is named as "reselling".

For Customer Service inquiries go to our contact page without hesitation.

If you use the US address provided to you by to forward your order outside the United States, Hawaii or Alaska, we will consider the US address given to you as the destination of your order. Then will take responsibility for any damage or lost once your order has safely reached MyUS warehouses until it has been shipped to your international address.

We recommend you to review the various insurance options for international shipments prior to placement of order.