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Shipping Policy

TotallyPleasure offers so many benefits on All Orders! Such as Free Shipping, 10% Off Your First Order as you use the Code "TOTALLYPLEASURE" in Canada and USA.

As your happiness and pleasure are very important to us we strive to deliver a high-quality package to you as quick as possible.

We ship Items above 1 Ib to you within 3 - 7 days while Items lesser than 1 Ib are shipped through Ist class of USPS. Our multiple courier option includes FedEx, USPS and UPS. We work round the clock to deliver your packages within the time frame of 3 - 7 days but we are not responsible for any delay in delivery. We issue a shipping refund if you made an extra payment for shipping and you did not receive your package within the time frame.


All orders placed before 3 PM EST from Monday to Friday are shipped the same day except for Saturday, Sunday and USPS holidays which are shipped the following day if there is no holiday on that day. We ship from our warehouses which is closest to you and the stock of items available also determines the warehouse to ship from. Any order that we could not shipped that same day are shipped the following day and we will keep in touch with you if there is any reason for an unforeseen delay.

Please take note that tracking numbers will be active as soon as the shipping provider or courier scans your package during the time of 7 or 8 pm EST.


We are sorry that the Free Shipping does not cover international shipments.

We don't include taxes, import duties and shipping charges into the item prices of orders shipped outside the USA. It is the responsibility of the buyer to find out from their country's customs office what are the additional costs or charges before placing an order.  The shipping company or delivering carrier collects these charges before or when you pick up your item. And these charges are not additional shipping charges.